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Jan. 17, 2022

Willie Cade pt3 - Right to Repair in Agriculture

Willie Cade pt3 - Right to Repair in Agriculture
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Welcome to the 3rd and final segment with Willie Cade & Jeff Bittner on theITAD Talk podcast.  Willie Cade is the CEO of Graceful Development Solutions and the Founder of the Electronics Reuse Conference. This segment digs into the right to repair agriculture equipment.  Willie is the grandson of Theo Brown, inventor of the manure spreader. Theo registered 158 patents during his lifetime. Most of those patents are related to the John Deere manure spreader.  John Deere has become notorious in recent years for locking the functionality of farm equipment in instances when farmers choose to repair their own property. As of January 12, 2022, John Deere has been served with a class action lawsuit regarding anti-trust violations stemming from the shift in their business model.